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Experience active lifestyle, outdoor activities and versatile sport exercises

The past year has been exceptional in many ways! Because we want to guarantee you the highest quality and safety possible we are relocating the most inspiring and moving event GoExpo one year forward:

4-6 March 2022.

Sports also showing in GoExpo (e.g. riding, hiking, golf and riding) have increased their numbers of new enthusiasts – this has delighted our GoExpo team! We want to support you with your favourite hobby or finding a new one – we with our partners are going to offer you new opportunities to participate in GoExpo. Stay tuned ❤


See how we will make GoExpo a safe event to come to


Bicycles and current information for all cyclists and exercise-oriented people


For people who love the outdoors including camping, fishing and moving around outdoors


Travels, golf courses, accessories, programme and up to date tips


All ball sports at once. Come and test something new

Photo, Video & Sound

The largest photo, video & sound event in the Nordic countries.

GoExpo Horse

Horse fans, equestrian professionals, horses, accessories and current programme